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Tujia Old Marriage
15/03/2011 10:46:09    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1794

Tujia Old Marriage

Cross-cousin marriage named Biandan Marriage or Duikai Marriage means cousins marry. This old marriage left by local groups was populous in both Han people and minority in the past. It disappeared after liberation.茫鈧偓

ExchExchange Marriage means two families exchange sisters or daughters as wives or law- daughters. It has deal form and package form. The reason of this marriage is save money.

茫鈧偓TraTransform Marriage means two sisters married with two brothers. This unusual marriage shows the fact that people regards wife as personal propriety.


BridThe bridegroom becomes son after marriage.

 TUJIA bride don"t go to working before several days of wedding. The bride and here nine good girl friends seat around the table and start to sing the Cry Songs until wedding day. The mother cries with here daughter. The aunts cry with niece. The sisters cry with the bride. The sister in law cries with the bride. The girls all abuse the matchmakers. The contents of the Cry Songs are rich. Some songs express that the daughter appreciate nurture of mother. Other songs show the friendship between sisters. Another songs express distress of departing from here mother. All people on the spot are moved by the Cry Songs.

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