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Military Ranks in ancient China
13/01/2011 13:27:58    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 3153

Military Ranks in ancient China

Military ranks were not considered as important or prestigious as civilian scholar ranks. Soldiers also had to pass exams to advance, although many advanced simply through family connections. The first exam was in archery, mounted and on foot, and in swordsmanship. Second degree qualifications were examined by the provincial governor. Third degree exams - the ones everyone wanted to pass because of their guarantee to a position in the military, were tested in Beijing.

First Rank - Quilin.

Second Rank - Lion.

Third Rank - Leopard.

Fourth Rank - Tiger.

Fifth Rank - Bear.

Sixth Rank - Panther.

Seventh Rank - Rhinoceros. Eighth Rank - Rhinocerous.

Ninth Rank - Sea Horse

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