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Namling No.1 Middle School in Tibet
30/12/2008 16:33:38    Author : Kristen Zhang    Browse : 859
The Main Building of No.1 Middle School in Namling County
There were 12 adobe classrooms with 500 students in this school before. Nowaday, a morden 5-floor school with 52 classrooms containing 2,893 students and teachers has been built up. The size of No.1 middle school is enlarging 5 times in 10 years," Nyedon, vice headmaster of Namling No.1 middle school said proudly.
Namling No.1 middle school founded in 1977 has a huge development in last 30 years since the reform and opening up. At the beginning, the middle school only recruited one class per year. In 2003, the total number of students had been up to 4,000 with the support from governments. In 2005, the school was named as Namling No.1 middle school officially. At present, there are 74 Tibetan teachers, 48 Han teachers, 1 Hui teacher and 1 Buyi teacher. Among the 124 full-time teachers, 68 have the bachelor degrees and other 56 teachers have accepted the special education.
There is a slogan, "To help the children achieve their dream aims with love", hanging in front of the gate of No.1 middle school. Nyedon said this was the motto for every teacher in No.1 middle school. During vocations, the teachers always went to the pastoral areas showing some performances to announce the importance of receiving education for children. It was them who help more children have the chance to study in school and achieve their dreams.
The teaching quality is keeping pace with the consolidation of enrollment year by year. From 1997 to 2003, the exam results of graduating from junior high school among the 19 junior middle schools in TAR had been ranking the first in four consecutive years. More and more qualified students would like to make contributions to their hometowns after graduations.
Kelzang Wongmu, a Tibetan teacher said:"I have been teaching for 6 years and find that using softwares or other modern teaching methods is more helpful and useful for students to learn. "
From 1952 to 2007, the government had invested 22.562 billion yuan to develop the education in TAR. In 2001, the school had only one computer and then in 2007, there were 70 computers available for students and teachers. Besides, Shandong Province always sent experienced teachers to TAR for improving teaching skills of Tibetan teachers. Up to now, more than 7,000 teachers have been sent to help the development of education in TAR.

No.1 middle school is enrolling students in pastoral areas. 

Tibetan teachers are preparing for the lessons together

School newspapers made by Tibetan students are on show.

  Tibetan teachers are having the computer training lesson.

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