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Rural Tibetan Life
30/12/2008 15:55:37    Author : Lily Dong    Browse : 1084

Yudron, a Tibetan woman from Xigaze Prfecture who sells butter in Lhasa, smiles when talking about her income, photo from Tibet Daily.
Yudron, a Tibetan woman from Tongmen County of Xigaze Prfecture, sells butter in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.
"Before, my family was in poverty with few livestock. But the county offered us sheep and cattle free of charge according to special policies," Yudron told the reporter, "Nowadays my family"s butter, beef and mutton not only can feed the family but also have surplus for sale."
Kanglang, a villager from Bana Village in Sangri Town of Lhoka Prefecture is cooking with methane
The solar photovoltaic panels in Payang Town of Zhongba County of Xigaze Prefecture
The Tibet Autonomous Region has made best use of solar energy in people"s daily life, which has both saved energy and protected the environment.
Villagers from Jieba town, Nedong County, Lhoka Prefecture are reading books in a "book house", photo from Xinhua, December 11.

Up to now, 20 rural "book houses" in 20 villages of 10 counties have been built with an investment of 400,000 yuan in four places of the Tibet Autonomous Region: Lhasa, Xigaze Prefecture, Nyingchi Prefecture and Chamdo Prefecture. On average, each "book house" has 1,500 books, 30 kinds of magazines, and 100 audio visual products. More than 95% of them are in Tibetan.
From the mid-December,Lhasa"s local marked, Chomsigkang, begins to get crowded by people of Tibetan ethnic from all over the TAR buying or selling to get ready for the new year.
Enjoy Delicious Dinner
With food taken from home, they were enjoying their dinner in the sunshine.
In the west of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the reporter has recently met Lhaci and his family, who are from Gyangze County of Xigaze Prefecture. They came to Lhasa for leisure in their slack time.

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