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Winter Solstice Festival-Nvwa and Dumplings
07/10/2011 16:36:41    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1703

Winter Solstice Festival-Nvwa and Dumplings

It was said there was a woman called Nvwa with human head and snake body when Pangu created the world. Seeing there was a large hollow in the sky, she mended it by colored stones. And she also made the human beings by earth. When the cold Winter Solstice came, the ears of the human beings were always froze off. So she made a hole in their ears and threaded a line across the ears to the mouths. And the human beings can prevented the falling of the ears by biting this line. People today eat dumplings (with the shape of ears) during Winter Festival. They bite the stuffing (which is of the same pronunciation as the line in Chinese) to spend this day. Many districts of China eat dumplings on Winter Solstice Festival and some places eat wontons. People in Guangxi usually have steamed beancurd buns.


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