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16/01/2009 01:13:43    Author : www.starmass.com    Browse : 847

Take a look of the analogy of sun rise at dawn. As it gradually ascends, it will soon be high above, shining throughout the world.  The China market is like the sun. The opening of the China market few decades ago was just like the break of dawn, giving us light to pave our way in the morning. Now as the China market is slowing progressing and absorbing all the economical benefits, it will soon be one of the largest economies in the world. Just like the noon sun giving light to everywhere in the earth.

China has attracted the second leading number of foreign direct investment every year ever since 1993. Till today, millions of foreign enterprises are operating in China. Many believe that down the road, China would be the strongest market outside the big giants such as the USA and Europe.

However, too much of the scorching sun does not do any good to our body. Even though we need the sun rays for vitamins, without proper care, many can fall under the hands of the sun rays such as skin cancer and bad complexion. Similarly, the China market has its risks and dangers. The China market may be progressing at a two-digit growth since 2003, many investors actually failed and loss their assets in the China market.

One of the major reasons for that foreign investors failed to enter the China market with a big bang is that foreign investors are unfamiliar with the business culture in China. The Chinese integrates both personal and work matters when carrying out their business. Thus foreign companies are always confused with the way the Chinese behave at work.

The Chinese value relationships very highly. They believe that having a close relationship with another party would be the way to deal with business opportunities. The Chinese use the Chinese words, 隆掳guan xi隆卤 to indicate any type of relationships; be it on a personal or business or a government level.

The Chinese prefer to work with someone familiar as it minimizes any disagreements or problems that might occur. Furthermore, being familiar with someone would allow the parties involved to have more trust with one another. Therefore, as foreign investors are new to the China market, they might not have the network or 隆掳guan xi隆卤 to gain the trust of the Chinese companies. This will most likely create complications when the foreign companies are trying to establish their enterprise in China.

However, not all is lost for foreign companies. Partnering up with a local individual or organization will allow them to gain an easier way to a network. The locals would be more familiar with the way things work around in China and they would be in a better position to negotiate matters with the other domestic companies.

The Chinese have a different style of negotiating. Despite years of business management and negotiation tactics, foreign investors may be at the losing end when dealing with the locals. Firstly, the Chinese do not have a lot of actions and facial expressions when they talk and thus foreign investors have to infer their true response when negotiating with the locals. Furthermore, being in a collectivist society, the behaviour and characteristics of the Chinese would not be the same as those in other countries, especially countries which are more individualistic.

The Chinese have a very strong national pride and are more comfortable with familiarity. One of the marketing strategies would be to target on their national pride. As China expands its economy, the domestic market is also progressing. The Chinese are producing higher quality products at a lower price. Thus, the domestic industry are actually gaining more market share in China and thus creating higher brand awareness. Foreign investors who want to enter into the China market need to take note not only of their competitors of the same level but smaller local enterprises who are gradually expanding.

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