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Money and Treasures Will Be Plentiful
10/05/2012 12:55:31    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 7456


Also for the New Year, Chinese families will hang nianhua (氓鹿麓莽鈥澛? or "New Year"s pictures" inside the house.  Most of these are pictures associated with good fortune.

At the left is an example of a New Year"s picture with an auspicious inscription on a diamond-shaped red paper.

The inscription is zhao cai jin bao (忙鈥光€好绰⒚库€好ヂ? which roughly translates as "money and treasures will be plentiful" or "attracts wealth and treasure".

The inscription is written in a unique linked character style (lian zi gua pai 猫驴啪氓颅鈥斆ε掆€毭р€芭? which is discussed at Ancient Chinese Pendant Charms.

On the outside gate or door are hung duilian (氓炉鹿猫聛鈥? or "New Year"s couplets".  These are Chinese phrases written on red strips of paper and pasted vertically on each side of the front gate.  These are also known as "spring couplets" (chunlian 忙藴楼猫聛鈥? and "door couplets" (menlian 茅鈥斅佲€? and are derived from the peachwood charms (taofu 忙隆茠莽卢娄) that originated during the Han Dynasty.

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