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Official Chinese Holidays 4
13/02/2012 04:59:24    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1324

 Official Chinese Holidays 4

The Seventh Eve (7th of the seventh month)

  It is a traditional holiday almost lost to the younger generations today. It originates from a beautiful legend about a cowboy and a fairy who were crually separated and renunited once each year on this happy sad occasion. A more detailed story is forthcoming.

  Mid-Autumn Festival (15th of the eighth month)

  It is second only to the Chinese New Year in significance. The moon on this day is the fullest and largest to the eye. Viewing it by the whole family while feasting on good wine, fruits and moon-cakes features the night event. There is also a beautiful story behind it. Children are told that there"s fairy on the moon living in a spacious but cold crystal palace with her sole companion, a jade rabbit. A heavenly general and friend would occasionally pay her a visit, bringing along his fragrant wine. She would then dance a beautiful dance. The shadows on the moon made the story all the more credible and fascinating to the young imaginative minds.

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