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Official Chinese Holidays 2
13/02/2012 04:53:14    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1378

 Official Chinese Holidays 2

Children"s Day (June 1)
  It is the most momerable day of Chinese kids all over the country. Almost all entertainment places such as cinimas, parks and children museums and palaces are open free to them. Elementary schools throw celebration parties while parents shower them with presents.

  The CCP"s Birthday (July 1)

  It marked the founnding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921 in Shanghai. It is usually characterized by front page editorials from major government newspagers.

  Army"s Day (August 1)
  A communist-led nationalist army staged the first armed uprising in Chinese communist history against the Nationalists on August 1, 1927. It was regarded as the beginning of the Red Army (later the People"s Liberation Army). Now the anniversary is often used to promote better relationships between the army and civilians, a tradition believed to have helped it beat the Nationalists during the civil war in 1949.

  Teacher"s Day (September 10)

  It was started in the early eighties as an effort to reverse the anti-intellectual sentiment nurtured by the "Cultural Revolution". It is yet to become an established holiday.

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