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Zhangjiagang Economy
18/11/2011 08:45:02    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1561

Zhangjiagang Economy

Zhangjiagang is ranked the 3rd in the top 100 counties (cities) in economic strengths of its industry, with metallurgy, textiles, chemical industry, grain and oil and foodstuffs as the mainstays of its industry. The internationalization of Zhangjiagang"s economy picks up speed increasingly. It"s export commodities include 15 categories and 500 varieties in respect of textiles, knitting, garments, light industry, chemical and medicine, machinery and electronics. Trade business is extended to about 100 countries and regions. The bonded area of Zhangjiagang is the only one of its kind in the island-river-type posts in China. The bonded area has brought into full play the unique conditions of utilizing custom bond, becoming an important investment vehicle in the drainage areas of China and an important bridge connecting domestic market with the overseas market.

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