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The Eight Great Sights of Beijing
13/06/2011 11:24:50    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1631

The Eight Great Sights of Beijing

Yanjing (Capital of Yan) is an alternative name for the city of Beijing, which was first used in   the Liao Dynasty (9071125).

       The Eight Great Sights of Yangjing are places of historic interest and scenic beauty in and  around Beijing. Each of them has a name in which their particular qualities are summarized in  lyrical four-Chinese-character phrases, they are:

       1.The Great Wall Surrounded by Lush Greenery at the Juyong Pass

       2.Trees in the Mist at Ji Gate


       3.The Moon Over the Lugou Bridge at Dawn

       4.The Rainbow Floating Over the Jade Spring

       5.The Sunny Western Hills After Snow

       6. Jade Islet in Shady Springtime


       7.Autumn Winds on Taiye

       8.The Golden Terrace in the Glow of the Setting Sun

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