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Archit & Design
Chinese Rosewood Furniture
13/11/2012 03:32:53    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 4210

Chinese Rosewood Furniture

Chinese Rosewood Furniture originally emerged in Ming Dynasty. The major shape of rosewood furniture is the symmetrical structure. Without any additional color technique, rosewood is elegant with its natural red color. Major techniques in Chinese rosewood furniture are carving, inlaying, shaping, etc芒鈧?/P>

The two major principles of making rosewood furniture are 芒鈧搉o iron nail if possible芒鈧?and 芒鈧搉o glue if possible芒鈧? These two principles make it in a high collection value. The obvious Chinese civilization handicraft culture is the most attractive part for collectors of antique furniture.

Types of Rosewood Furniture
According to the materials, rosewood furniture can be divided into three kinds:
 All parts rosewood furniture: all parts of the furniture are made of rosewood

Major parts rosewood furniture: major parts that can be seen by eyes are made of rosewood. Inside parts or parts that could not seen by eyes will be made of deep color valuable hardwood or other high quality timber.
Wrapped rosewood furniture: it is referred to the furniture that only the surface is made of rosewood so it called as the warped rosewood furniture. When purchasing this kind of furniture, the instruction should mark out the exact part that made of rosewood.

The growth speed of rosewood is very slowly, And the number of rosewood is less year by year, the all parts rosewood furniture will e more and more expensive.

Five Advantages
With the improvement year by year, Chinese rosewood furniture now become more and more valuable with 5 advantages:
Reasonable functioned design: the design is based on human body condition. For example: a rosewood chair is designed by calculating the angle of the back and the shape which may bring people safety feeling.
Elegant feeling: rosewood furniture brings people an elegant and graceful feeling immediately, styles such as Ming Dynasty style, Qing dynasty style, French style, etc芒鈧?/P>

Considerate structure: the design applied the mechanics theory. And the traditional Chinese rosewood furniture only can be made by hands. So the harmony of the structure and the art is a window to see the skill of the craft art man.
Selecting material
High collecting value: this kind of furniture has a large room in collecting field. It integrates function, appreciation, and collection into one.

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