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Archit & Design
Zeng Guofan芒鈧劉s Former Rsidence
06/04/2012 03:47:41    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1671

Zeng Guofan (1811-1872) was Han Nationality with former name Zeng Zicheng, and middle name Bohan and alias Disheng. He was born in Shuangfeng County, Hunan province. He was a very influential official in late Qing Dynasty, and was also the founder and general of Xiang Army. His ranks of official position had been up to the Viceroy of Liangjiang, Viceroy of Zhili, Grand Academician of Hall of Martial Valor and had been titled as the First Class MarquessYiyong.

Fuhou Garden, Zeng Guofan芒鈧劉s former residence, is located in Heye Town, Shuangfeng County. It was built beginning from the 4th Year of the Reign of Emperor Tongzhi (1865) and ending in the 1st Year of the Reign of Emperor Guangxu (1875). In January, 1996, it was promulgated as Provincial Cultural Relics Preservation Organ by the government of Hunan province; in May, 2006, it was promulgated by the State Council as Cultural Relics of National Importance under the Protection of the State in the 6th group.


Scenic Spots of Former Residence of Zeng Guofan include Half-Moon Pond, Gate House, Main Buildings of Baben Yard and three Book-Collection Buildings including Gong Ji Book-Collection Building, Pu Ji Book-Collection Building, Fang Ji Book-Collection Building, Emerald Green Lotus Lake, Tower for Birds and Cranes, Chess Pavilion, Guidance Pavilion as well as Parents Missing Pavilion that was built under the direction of Zeng Guofan himself in the 7th Year of the Reign of Emperor Xianfeng etc. This residence totally covers an area of over 40,000 m2 including 10,000 m2 of building area. Most valuable part in Fuhou Garden is Book-Collection Buildings that totally store a volume of over 300,000 books and one of the largest well-kept Book-Collection Buildings in our nation.

Fuhou Garden is only fifty km away from Nanyue and only eighty km or so away from the area of Mao Zedong芒鈧劉s Former Residence and Liu Shaoqi芒鈧劉s Former Residence. Every year, accumulated person-time of tourists, both from China and overseas, is over 50,000. Transportation of residence is also very convenient since it is very closed to National Highway 320 and 107, Provincial Highway 314, Expressway Shanghai-Ruili (Yunnan province) and Expressway Beijing-Zhuhai (Guangdong province).

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