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Archit & Design
Storied Pavilion (Ge)
07/10/2011 16:17:01    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1752

Storied Pavilion (Ge)

Being similar to the lou both of who are of two or more storey buildings, the Chinese ge has a door and windows only on the front side with the other three sides being solid walls. Ge is usually enclosed by wooden balustrades or decorated with boards all around. And usually Ge is above the water, seats in the forest, in the temple, or at the peak and so on. The whole beautiful scenery of the far distant can be seen clearly and easily from the storied pavilion (ge). Ancient people liked to live in the storied pavilions, because they thought the ge is the immortal club and for the immortal as well as for the elegant and noble.


Storeyed pavilions were used in ancient times for the storage of important articles and documents. Wenyuange for instance, in the Forbidden City of Beijing was in effect the imperial library. Kuiwenge in the Confucius Temple of Qufu, Shandong Province was devoted to the safekeeping of the books and works of painting and calligraphy bestowed by the courts of various dynasties. Visitors to the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, can still see Tianyige, which houses the greatest private collection of books handed down from the past. Monasteries of a large size normally have their own libraries built in the style of a ge and called cangjingge to keep their collections of Buddhist scriptures. Some of the ge, notably those erected in parks, like other pavilions or towers (ting, tai and lou), were used for enjoying the sights.

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