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Food & Drink
Wuyi Rock Tea, (Wuyi Wulong)
17/09/2011 03:46:11    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2130

Wuyi Rock Tea, (Wuyi Wulong)

This famous oolong tea from Fujian province is found in the gaps of rocks on Wuyi Mountain, making cultivation difficult. The leaves are hand-rolled and pan-fired at their aromatic peak. Afterwards they are charcoal-fired in small batches to produce its deep green color and rich flavors. When brewed this tea produces a smooth aroma with a deliciously sweet, roasted taste. This tea will continue to taste great even after many infusions. In addition, studies have shown that this tea has weight loss benefits.

Wuyi Rock Tea enjoys a long history. Being one of the top tea in China, it is also the forefather of Oolong tea. It played an important role in the tea development in China. During the North and South Dynasty (about 479 A.D) the tea had already been well-known. Later in Song and Yuan Dynasty it was paid as a tribute to the royal family.

In the sixth year of Dade Reign in Yuan Dynasty (about 1302 A.D), a Royal Tea Garden was set up by the bank of the Fourth-bend of the river. In Ming Dynasty tea makers improved the tea-processing techniques, thus producing the oolong tea, which is the present Rock tea. In the 17th century, Wuyi tea was even sold abroad and enjoyed an even greater reputation.


Wuyi Rock Tea, with its "special rock charm and fragrance" is well-known at home and abroad. The most famous is the Big Red Robe Tea for it is the King of Tea. The Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) this magical and enchanted valley produces the best tea in Wuyishan and is a tranquil and beautiful place. Wuyi Rock Tea is especially noted for its high quality, due to its natural environment of green mountains and clear waters, as well as its unique techniques. Therefore when you drink the tea, you"ll fell an everlasting fragrance in your mouth. The "rock charm" of the tea has always been a delight and a desire.

Da Hong Pao tea, or Big Red Robe, is an aromatic Chinese oolong with a coffee-like, roasted flavor and a sweet and fruity aftertaste. The tea has dark and slightly curled tea leaves up to three inches long. During the Qing Dynasty, it became the "King of Tea." Chinese oolong promotes metabolism and increases body energy.

The main component of Wuyi Tea is middle-sized or small-sized leaves and tea made of these leaves is called Wuyi rock-essence tea, which is the earliest Oolong Tea and the treasure of Oolong Tea. It grows in the area governed by Wuyishan City.

The meaning of Wuyi rock-essence tea: It芒鈧劉s Oolong Tea with unique flavor grown in specific natural ecological environment in Mount Wuyi, bred and cultivated from proper tea trees and made with unique traditional technology. The traditional varieties of Wuyi rock-essence tea are: Shuixian, Rougui, Wuyicaicha, Aijiaooolong and so on.

Rare varieties: Chosen from Wuyicaicha, there are Dahongpao (Big Red Robe), Tieluohan, Baijiguan, Shuijinggui, Bantianyao, Beidou and so on. Products of Wuyi rock-essence tea are divided into Big-Red-Robe, Mingcong, Rougui, Shuixian and Qizhong. Wuyishan City mainly plant and make Oolong Tea as well as Black Tea and Green Tea.


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