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Food & Drink
Chinese New Year Food Symbolism
17/09/2011 03:04:10    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2164

Chinese New Year Food Symbolism


Bamboo shoots - wealth

Black moss seaweed - wealth

Dried Bean Curd - happiness (note: fresh tofu is not served because the color white symbolizes death and misfortune in Chinese culture).

Chicken - happiness and marriage (especially when served with "dragon foods," such as lobster. Family reunion (if served whole)

Eggs - fertility

Egg Rolls - wealth

Fish served whole - prosperity

Chinese garlic chives - everlasting, a long life

Lychee nuts - close family ties

Noodles - A long life

Oranges - wealth

Peanuts - a long life

Pomelo - abundance, prosperity, having children

Seeds - lotus seeds, watermelon seeds, etc. - having a large number of children

Tangerines - luck



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