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Food & Drink
Wuhan Dining -- Featured Snacks
15/01/2013 03:58:05    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 3332

Wuhan Dining -- Featured Snacks

Wuhan has been an important trade center since the old days. Thousands of businessmen from all over the country thronged into this city every year, bringing both goods and traditions from their own regions to Wuhan. Therefore folk customs and food flavors in Wuhan are a blending of the northern and southern China styles. Traders who hurry to markets in the morning don"t have enough time to prepare breakfast at home and they often buy snacks at street food stalls. It became a custom for local people to call it "Guo Zao" (which simply means to have breakfast). If you have a plan to stay in the city, instead of eating western breakfast at your hotel, following the locals" habit of Guo Zao will give you a chance to learn more about the everyday life of the Chinese. In front of a food stall, you may feel amazed at the skillful performance of vendors. They can tailor the flavor to each customer"s taste preference. Of course, most westerners can"t express their demands in Chinese. The easiest way is to follow the crowds" choice. Do as a Roman does when in Rome. A Chinese writer said the yo-heave-ho of those vendors is a language art. Hu Bu Xiang is one of the famous breakfast snacks streets.

Wuhan is a paradise for those who live to eat rather than eat to live. Wuhan snacks are famous throughout the country.

Re Gan Mian (Hot-dry Noodles)

It is reputed to be one of the five most famous types of noodle in China and the most favorite choice for breakfast by Wuhan people. The chef first cooks the fresh noodles mixed with sesame oil in boiling water. When the noodles have cooked and cooled, it becomes pliable. Then, each time before eating, the noodle will be cooked in the same process again. Finally, dressings including spring onion and sauce will be added. You can try a bowl of Re Gan Mian for one yuan.

Dozens of street vendors and small restaurants in the city sell Re Gan Mian. Among them Cai Lin Ji noodle restaurant located at No. 854, Zhongshan Dadao in Hankou is the best. It is said that they sell 15,000 bowls everyday.

 Si Ji Mei Dumplings (Season"s Dumplings)

Named after the Si Ji Mei Restaurant near the crossing of Hanjiang Lu, these dumplings are the taste of Wuhan.

 San Xian Dou Pi (Fried Bean Sheets)

Ingredients including bean curd sheets, meat, eggs and smashed shrimps are made into fillings. The chef uses skins made of bean and rice flour to wrap those ingredients and fry in oil. Eggs are often added to bring a crisp cover. Chairman Mao praised it each time he ate. The king of this snack is Tong Cheng Restaurant at Dazhi Crossing of Zhongshan Dadao in Hankou.

 Mian Wo (Fried Pie)

A kind of fried pie with a little salty taste, usually eaten with soybean milk or porridge for breakfast

Other snacks include Aunt Xu"s Spicy Rice Noodle, Fried Lotus-Root Ball (Zha Ou Yuan) and Fried Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu). No words can describe the taste of those delicious foods. The only way is to try them yourself at the following places.


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