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Food & Drink
Wuhan Dining -- Featured Snacks 2
15/01/2013 03:51:42    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 3196

Wuhan Dining -- Featured Snacks 2

Lively snack shops in Wuhan will never disappoint travelers. The four main snack streets are Ji Qing Jie night street, Hu Bu Xiang, Qiaokou Lu and Jingwu Lu. Simply write down the following Chinese pinyin names on a piece of paper and ask the taxi driver to take you one of them.

 Ji Qing Jie

The Ji Qing Jie night street is located in the central part of old city area in Hankou with the famous Lao Tong Cheng Restaurant at its crossing. Wuhan people simply say that if you come to Ji Qing Jie, you will know what Wuhan is, and anyone who didn"t go there is the same as the one who has never been to Wuhan.

In the evening, hundreds of dai pai dong (street-side stands) come out on the street and provide popular snacks and flavored food at cheap prices. Peppery fried snails, fresh steamed lobsters and crabs, spicy shrimp balls, tasty beef soups and Chinese dumplings, all these will feed you well. And you mustn"t miss Jiu Jiu"s duck necks. Chi Li, a popular, modern woman writer wrote a novel entitled Life Show which tells a love story of a charming lady who sells duck necks in this street. Now the novel has become a best-seller, thousands of people come to find the original heroine and of course they will not miss the delicious duck necks.

Wuhan people like to order several of the best-known dishes and some bottles of beers and spend their evening time with friends here. For travelers, another exciting thing is the lively folk music performed by folk musicians at your table. The musicians often carry their instruments and a piece of board on which the tune names are written. You can simply choose one of them (for all are popular classical Chinese music) at 10 or 15 RMB and then enjoy the delicious food when listening to a graceful flute tune.

It is a lively place where locals spend their leisure time, and it has become an indispensable part of the everyday life for Wuhan people.

The night street becomes lively around nine to ten pm and will last late into the night.

 Hu Bu Xiang

Located in Zhonghua Lu Street in the town of Wuchang, the 150-meter (490-feet) long Hu Bu Xiang was an ancient street with a 400-year history. Today, the age-old street has become one of the famous breakfast streets in Wuhan. Over 30 kinds of breakfast snacks can be found here. Get up early in the morning and come here to follow local people"s habit of Guo Zao.


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