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Food & Drink
Yongsheng Oil Tea
15/01/2013 03:31:43    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2524

Yongsheng Oil Tea

The Yongsheng oil tea is a renowned beverage with special flavor. It is called the Yongsheng oil tea because it originated from the Yongsheng County. Put a porcelain pot on charcoal fire, put a handful of rice into the pot and bake the rice until it becomes yellow. Then, add a little oil in the rice and fry the rice. Then, put the tea into the pot and pour in boiling water. Then, the Yongsheng oil tea is done. To make it more fragrant, the tea should be boiled for a little more period so that the rice, tea and oil will integrate fully. The Yongsheng oil tea tastes strong and fragrant. It tastes even better while you are drinking it with steamed bread.

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