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Food & Drink
Food and Medicine Share Same Origin
06/01/2012 00:04:55    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1759

Food and Medicine Share Same Origin

For thousands of years, Chinese people regard the functions of food are far more than just satisfying the hunger. In fact, food is seen to have correlation to a healthy organic equilibrium and strong immunity.

By having the right food to keep sickness at bay, Chinese people drink green tea to enhance digestion system. They also eat different kinds of porridges in changed seasons. Chinese call it Medicinal Diet, which means foods with medicinal functions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, remedy of illness contains three phases. The first is Medicinal Diet, the second is Physical Exercise, and the third is Medicine. That is, medicine will be used as the last alternative only if the first two are unsuccessful. In fact, food and medicine are seen as belonging to the same origin, suggesting that everyday diet would be of medicinal benefits.

In TCM theory, human body is an organic whole. When any part of it works improperly, unbalance then occur and the person will get sick. To let the body go back to a balanced condition, medication prescribed should be in opposite nature to the disease. For instance, medicines regarded cold by nature will be treated illnesses hot by nature, or vice versa.

Although foods are as diversified in nature as medicines, the attributes of food are weaker than those of medicine; even a proper diet is able to heal only minor diseases in a long duration of time. Having said that, a proper diet is still a very significant supplement to medication when dealing with major diseases. After all, a proper diet under any circumstance by itself is a superior medicine for sickness prevention.



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