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Hanging Coffins in Wuyishan (Wuyi Mountain
17/09/2011 03:17:01    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1675

Hanging Coffins in Wuyishan (Wuyi Mountain

Hanging Coffins in Wuyi Mountain are said to be the earliest to appear in Chinese history, as early as in the Zhou Dynasty (1027-777BC). Within the mountain"s scenic area, there are dozens of hanging coffins on the cliffsides on both sides of Jiuquxi (Nine Turn Brook).

Through carbon dating, two of the hanging coffins shaped like a ship date back to 3,000 years ago, and a wooden plate, one of the burial articles, is characteristic of the bronze culture of the Shang (1766-1121BC) and Zhou Dynasties.

According to the results of extensive scientific research, South China at that time consisted of many tribes of different sizes who shared the same culture, hence their name of "Guyue People" today. Ships were indispensable tools for the Guyue People, so they would put dead bodies into ship-shaped coffins to show their respect. Also, out of their esteem for high mountains, they would hang the coffins as close to the "God of Heaven" above as possible so that the dead would not be disturbed by the living, earthly people and could better protect their descendants.


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