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Poyang Lake--Dagu Hill
05/08/2011 07:22:47    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1000

Poyang Lake--Dagu Hill

Dagu Hill is an island in Poyang Lake , which when seen from a distance, looks like a large shoe floating in the blue water. It is also known as Shoe Hill.

There is a sad but beautiful legend about the hill. A long, long time ago, a young fisherman named Hu Qing lived on the hill. One day he got a box when fishing on the lake, and when he opened the box, he found a pearl. On his way home, Hu saw a girl, dressed in green, wailing. He asked her why she was crying, and the girl told him that she had lost her precious pearl. Without hesitation, Hu returned the pearl he had found to the girl. The girl expressed her sincere thanks to him and then left. Another day a storm came up while Hu was fishing on the lake. Unable to see the shore, he was in grave danger. As he fought the storm, a maiden dressed in green and holding a glowing pearl appeared before him. Turning his boat toward the pearl, Hu was able to navigate his way safely to shore. The girl explained that she was a fairy named Da Gu, who had been exiled from the abode of the fairy mother. She had been sent to the earth to live alone in Poyang Lake because she had violated the holy rules in heaven. Hu and the fairy Da Gu fell in love, got married, and lived a happy life together. Meanwhile, Sheng Tai, the fishing overlord of Poyang Lake coveted the beauty of Da Gu and wanted to make her his own. The Jade Emperor learned that Hu Qing and Da Gu had become husband and wife, he sent his holy invincible army to capture Da Gu. At the same time Sheng Tai was attempting to kill Hu. As she was being carried off into the heavens, Da Gu saw her husband being tortured by Sheng . Attempting to save him, she dropped one of her shoes, which turned into a huge piece of rock that fell to earth and crushed Sheng"s men. The cliff that formed when the rock fell is the present Dagu Hill.

Actually Dagu Hill is only one peak with precipices on its three sides. Covered with tall, straight trees, the island rises steeply from the lake, surrounded by water on all sides. Visitors who hike to the top of the hill are rewarded with a magnificent view of the vast Poyang Lake below. Along the way, you will see Heaven Flower Palace, with its majestic halls and splendid statues. In ancient times, the hill was a gathering place for scholars and businessmen. The buildings in which they met have been destroyed by wars and natural disasters, but you can still feel a strong sense of history on Dagu Hill.

Water fowl inhabit in Dagu Hill. One kind of the birds is called "food-begging birds which have strong wings and sharp eyes. Tourists in boats enjoy throwing food to them, because no matter whether the food is tossed high in the air or dropped close to the surface of the lake, the food-begging birds catch it with precision.



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