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Poyang Lake --Nanshan Hill
05/08/2011 07:16:19    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 850

Poyang Lake --Nanshan Hill

Another well known hill in Poyang Lake is Nanshan Hill, near Duchang County, which rises from the water like a dignified man standing in the waves. According to the legend, during the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24) a wise man lived on Nanshan Hill. Emperor Wudi met the man during a tour of inspection in the southern region of his territory and offered him an official government position. However the wise man turned down the offer, saying that he was just a farmer and was not interested in fame or rank. Named for the humble wise man, "farmer rock" is the main attraction of Nanshan Hill. There visitors enjoy the sight of clear, sweet spring water flowing from the rock all year round. Those who climb to the top of the hill enjoy a panoramic view of the lake and distant hills.

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