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Poyang Lake --Lake-View Pavilion
05/08/2011 07:11:43    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 903

Poyang Lake --Lake-View Pavilion

Lake-View Pavilion, a large wooden structure, is located on the shore of Poyang Lake north of Wucheng Town. From the pavilion, you can see the majestic confluence of the Xiu and Gan rivers.

Lake-View Pavilion plays a role in a popular story about the area. During the late Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) General Chen Youliang battled with Zhu Yuanzhang (1328-1398, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)) at Poyang Lake. Chen"s wife often watched the battles from Lake-View Pavilion, noting that neither side seemed to dominate the conflict. One day, she suggested a stratagem to her husband, hoping that it would bring him victory. At first, General Chen rejected the idea, but he later realized that he did not have any better ideas. In addition, some of his subjects strongly recommended his wife"s plan. He implemented her plan and won the battle. On his way home from the battlefield, General Chen saw his beloved wife waiting for him in the pavilion. Planning to play a trick on her, he laid down his commander-in-chief banner. Seeing the banner on the ground, his wife thought that her husband had lost the battle and been killed because he failed to take her advice. She was so distressed that she jumped into the lake and died.

Lake-View Pavilion was originally constructed in the later years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (317-420) and the early part of the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). The present exquisite pavilion was rebuilt by the local government in 1988. It has four floors and stands on a platform made of granite. The view from Lake-View Pavilion takes in the rivers, the lake, the fishing boats, and the birds that contribute to the beauty of Poyang Lake.

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