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Mount Wuyi
05/08/2011 07:04:45    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 823

Mount Wuyi

Mount Wuyi, located about 15 kilometers to the south of Wuyishan City in northwest Fujian Province, is a famous scenic spot in the coastal southeast China and tops the region with its beauties and elegances. The 70-square-kilometer spot is characterized by typical Danxia landscape, and boasts natural beauties of grotesque red peaks encircled with emerald waters.

Mount Wuyi is of unique natural attraction. Along the limpid Nine Bend River that meanders through the mountainous area there are 36 precipitous red peaks and 99 crags. The peaks and crags, of various forms and shapes, look like horses galloping eastward, marvelous and magnificent. Mountains and waters here may not be high or deep, but enjoy no less attraction. And lakes and hills are dotted with ancient ruins, presenting tourists a harmonious picture integrating people芒鈧劉s mind, feeling, wisdom and labor with natural landscapes. The notable sighting spots include Water Curtain Cave, Wuyi Temple, Bright Red Robe, and Tianxin Crag.

Mount Wuyi is also of historical and cultural importance. Zhu Xi, the renowned Neo-Confucian in the Southern Song Dynasty wrote and lectured here for more than forty years, which made the place the cultural center in southeast China. More than 2000 poems and prose were composed by literati of ages for appreciation and admiration. And there are over 400 cliff carvings and inscriptions. The rich historic and cultural sites make the mountain more attractive. Meanwhile, Wuyi Rock Tea, the generic name of all the oolong teas produced in Wuyi, enjoys the same reputation with the sceneries.

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