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13/06/2011 11:46:16    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1030


Ganzhou, an ancient city with a long glorious history, lies in southern part of Jiangxi province, hence is also called Gannan. As a well-known tourism city in south of Jiangxi, Ganzhou boasts abundant natural resources, a great many scenic spots and historic sites. During 1929 and 1934, Ganzhou was one of the Central Revolutionary Bases. In November 1931, Ruijing was set up as the site of the Chinese soviet interim central government and became the "Red Capital".


Ganzhou, as a result, also became an important revolutionary area. The most renowned attractions in Ganzhou are Shanbai Mountain in Anyuan County, Mount Jiulian and Wutai Mountain in Longnan County, the Meiguan Pass in Dayu County, Cuiwei Peak in Ningdu County, the Doushui Lake in Shangyou County, and the Niedu Cave in Chunyi County. All these enchanting scenic sites possess high potentials for further developments.


The area under the jurisdiction of Ganzhou is that of the largest one in Jiangxi Province. The counties or county-level districts or cities under its jurisdiction are Zhanggong district, Ruijing city, Nankang city and fifteen counties: Ganxian County, Xingguo County, Yudu County, Ningdu County, Shicheng County, Huichang County, Xunwu County, Anyuan County, Dingnan County, Longnan County, Quannan County, Xinfeng County, Dayu County, Chongyi County and Shangyou County. The city has an area of thirty-nine thousand four hundred square kilometers, a population of eight million one hundred and eighty four thousand nine hundred.

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