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Tibet -Barkhor Street Tour
03/05/2011 14:47:45    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 869

Tibet -Barkhor Street Tour

Barkhor Street is the oldest street in Lhasa located in the old area of Lhasa City, surrounding the Jokhang Temple. There are four circumambulations in Lhasa, Langkuo, Bakuo (Barkhor), Linkuo and Zikuo circumambulations respectively. The Barkhor Street is just one of them. It"s said that in 647A.D., the first Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo built the Jokhang Temple, which was so magnificent that it quickly attracted thousands of Buddhist pilgrims. Consequently, a trodden path appeared. That is the origin of Barkhor Street. After many times" changes and expansion, and Lhasa at present covers a wider range. However, in the past, Lhasa only means the old city area surrounding Barkhor. Barkhor Street used to be the center of ancient Lhasa City and a microcosm of its history.

And nowadays, Barkhor Street is the representative and symbol of the ancient city of Lhasa as well as the most famous, most especial, the earliest and most prosperous of a circular street around the Jokhang Temple. When people are walking on Barkhor Street, they will be impressed and touched by what they have seen surrounding them. As Barkhor Street is one of the old circumambulations, many Tibetans come here to pray and have been coming to this area for centuries. Some of them have experienced thousands of miles" walk to reach this sacred place. Many pilgrims walk in clockwise direction from dawn to dark. Some of them walk along the Barkhor Street with the prayer wheels murmuring in Tibetan language, some move by body-lengths along the street. Even the teenager pilgrims also can bee seen.

This is the way they express their piety, which make people get the sense of the holiness of religion for the local people. However, Barkhor Street is a wonderful shopping area for the tourists. Various shops can be seen standing on both sides of the street and thousands of floating stands are on every corner. You can easily find accessories made of turquoise (local famous stone), Tibetan knives, "Thangka" (the Tibetan scroll painting), the prayer wheels, long-sleeve "chuba" (the Tibetan people"s traditional clothes), and some other articles for sale. Here are some tips for your tour to Barkhor Street: 1. You should walk in a clockwise direction along the street. 2. You can bargain with the vendors. 3. According to the tradition of Tibet, the vendor will give a favorable price to the first customer and the last one in a day.

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