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Guilin Attractions-Li River
28/02/2011 05:23:13    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 704

Guilin Attractions-Li River

One of the top China"s tourist destinations, Li River is honored to the most beautiful gallery of the world. The picturesque river is a major component of Guilin scenery. As it sparkles in the sunlight the river meanders through lush mountains like a liquid jade belt. To really appreciate the scenery a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is a must and your voyage of discovery can be divided roughly into three sections:

The first of these is from downtown Guilin where you board the cruiser to Huangniu Xia (valley). As soon as you leave the landing stage you will begin to enjoy the natural wonder and local customs. Upon reaching Huangniu Xia (valley) the cruise enters upon the second section. This part is the very essence of Li River. The gorgeous mountains and the crystal water together with the romantic legends are certain to impress you. Shuiluo Village marks the beginning of the third and final section that ends at Yangshuo. Along this stretch of the river you pass through pastoral scenes unchanged for generations as the banks are lined with quaint fishing villages, farmland and bamboo groves.

Located at the confluence of the Taohua (Peach Blossom) River and the Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill is too famous to be missed. It is said to be the symbol of Guilin scenery and also a highlight in Li River.

Diecai Hill, also named Gui Hill, famous for its amazing scenery and stone caving, is one of the most attractive scenery in Guilin. The easiness for climbing makes great contribution to its popularity among visitors.

Seven-Star Park is located on the bank of Li River, crossed by Xiaodong River. The park got its name owing to seven peaks looking like Charles" Wain. This is the largest and most popular park in Guilin with the longest history. Hills, rivers, caves and stones are highlights of this park.


Reed Flute Cave is 5 kilometers (3miles) from downtown in northwest suburb of Guilin. Here the scenery is focused on caves, and their rural setting. Within the cave there are enchanting stalagmites, stone pillars, stele, stone curtains and stone flowers.


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