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Shanghai Yuyuan
04/05/2010 08:26:12    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 809

Shanghai Yuyuan 


Yuyuan  is the famous gardens in Shanghai, Located in the center of Shanghai芒鈧劉s Old City, one of the few remaining old tourist sites in Shanghai. Surrounding the gardens is Shanghai芒鈧劉s bazaar, a maze of small streets and alleyways where vendors sell their wares and food stuffs to the visiting tourist and locals. That is why he called this garden "Yuyuan" - because 芒鈧搚u芒鈧?in Chinese means 芒鈧損eace and health芒鈧澝⑩偓?a place of peace and comfort in the heart of bustling Shanghai, dates back to the fabled Ming Dynasty. Now a popular tourist destination, Yuyuan began as a private garden created by Pan Yunduan, who spent almost 20 years - and all of his savings - to build a garden in order to please his parents in their old age.

During the past 400 years, Yuyuan, although restored and reopened several times, was most often in disarray. Due to the decline of Pan"s family after Pan Yuduan芒鈧劉s death, Yuyuan  gradually fell into disuse. Although the garden was improved by the local signiors, several civil conflicts in the mid-19th century caused great damage. In 1956, after Shanghai芒鈧漵 liberation, the city government reconstructed the garden and refurbished its mien and beauty as in the old days. Yuyuan Garden  was finally reopened to the public in 1961, and the State Department declared it a national monument in 1982. Now Yuyuan Garden attracts countless visitors at home and abroad every year.

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