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Zhifu Island
29/03/2010 02:51:38    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1310

Zhifu Island

Zhifu Island, located in the north tip of Zhifu District, is a bright pearl of Shandong Peninsula and the center of "Yantai Golden Seacoast Tourism and Vacation Area". Zhifu Island has convenient traffic and it is 4 kilometers from the island to downtown, 6 kilometers to the railway station and the port, 15 kilometers to the airport. The whole island occupies an area of 11.5 square kilometers and the length is 9 kilometers and the width is 0.5-1.8 kilometers. The climate here is pleasant and the yearly average temperature is 11.5-13.50 degrees. The island integrates historic relics with mountain and sea scenery. Zhifu Island was called "Zhifu Hill" in the ancient and the first Chinese emperor once visited it three times. The island overlooks Liaodong Peninsula, North Korea, South Korea and Japan across the sea. Now Zhifu Island is developing into a provincial tourist area and it has opened 5 key scenic spots and 3 traveling routes. 

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