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Long Island (Chang Dao)
15/03/2010 02:42:25    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 815

Long Island (Chang Dao)

Changdao Island is known by the Chinese as "the fairyland on the sea" (Penglai Pavilion being "the fairyland on the land". Changdao Island is not yet open to non-Chinese visitors, a former military base, Long Island is one of, if not the most unspoilt and environmentally preserved areas in China. Located between Jiaodong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula, Changdao County is the only island country in Shandong Province and is the meeting point of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. It is like a serial pearls sprinkled on the green wave of Bohai Sea. The island consists of 32 isles, covering an area of 56 square kilometers, and the water area of 8700 square kilometers, with 146-kilometer coastal line. With wide marine area, surrounded by great waves, Changdao County has fantastic rocks, elegant scenery, warm climate and rich tour resources such as Half Moon Bay, Jiuzhang Cliff, Wangfu Rock, Forest Park, Changshan End, Pagoda Rock, Dragon-claw Hill, Mituo Rock, Gaoshan Island, Daheishan Island, Birds? Island, Miao Island, the Birds Exhibition Center and the Boundary Memorial of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. Since 1998, it has been listed as an important national scenic and historic resort and national natural protection area by the State Council.

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