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Mt. Lushan waterfall
28/02/2010 06:57:56    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1728

Mt. Lushan waterfall

Mt. Lushan waterfall, the most poetic waterfall in China

Located in the Mt. Lushan scenic area in Jiangxi Province, the beauty of Lushan Waterfall groups have been admired for thousands of years, among which the Three Tier Spring is the most reputed.There is a saying, "One can never say that he has visited Mt. Lushan if he has not been to the Three Tier Spring."

Consisting of 22 waterfalls, 18 rapid torrents, 14 lakes and ponds, the waterfall plummets 155 meters from the pinnacle of Wulao Mountain (Peak of Five Old Men), and comes to an abrupt end against the multi tiered rocks at the cliffs base, creating a mist and fantasy scenery.


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