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Jingbohu Waterfall
28/02/2010 06:41:27    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1198

Jingbohu Waterfall

Jingbohu Waterfall, the largest volcano waterfall in China

Jingbohu Waterfall is located at the conjunction of Jingbohu Lake and Mudanjiang River in Heilongjiang Province of northeast China. When the volcano broke out thousands of years ago, the magma solidified and blocked up the water in the upper reaches of Mudanjiang River and then formed the Jingbohu Lake, which has an area of more than 90 kilometers. In summer, the water concentrates at the outlet of Jingbohu Lake and flows down like thousands of white horses galloping and howling. The waterfall can be three hundred meters wide and has a drop of more than twenty meters in the water high period.



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