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China Unique Natural Sights 3
24/02/2010 05:24:20    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 872

Flaming Mountain in Xinjiang Turpan

Flaming Mountain, The Flaming Mountain is located in north Turphan Basin of Xinjiang Province. It is a small mountain running across the basin. The mountain is combination of red sand and rocks that makes the mountain looks like a red dragon sleeping on the area basin.In the best-known Chinese novel "Journey to the West", the Flaming Mountain in the novel is the mountain fill with different evil characters who fight with the high monk Tang and his three disciples.

THE Loess Plateau

THE Loess Plateau is synonymous with desolation, sorrow and endurance.With an area of about 400,000 km2 and an average altitude of between 1,000---2,000 m, the Loess Plateau is the third largest plateau in China and is mostly covered by a 50 ?80 m-thick layer of loess, which is incomparable in the world and a miracle of nature.  is a plateau that covers an area of some 640,000 km2 in the upper and middle of China"s Yellow River .


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