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China Unique Natural Sights 2
24/02/2010 05:02:39    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 939

Yulong  (Jade Dragon)  Snow  Mountain

Yulong  (Jade Dragon)  Snow  Mountain. Situated in the Yunnan Province of China, this receding glacier is similarly inaccessible to visitors as the high altitude climb to the final observation desk often requires the use of oxygen.Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain) is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere.Yulong Snow Mountain stands beside the Jinshajiang River, northwest of the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. Shanzidou, the main peak of the mountain, clad in white snow all year round, rises 5,596 meters above sea level. The 13 peaks, distributed from the south to the north, with the south-north length of 35 km and the east-west width of 12 km, are like a silver white jade dragon lying in the clouds, hence the name Yulong (jade dragon) Snow Mountain.

Sand Lake Scenic Resort in Yinchuan

Sand Lake Scenic Resort  :In a northwestern area of China stands Helan Mountain , located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. At the foot of the mountain lies a vast desert while next to the desert a blue green lake ripples. The lake area is known as Sand Lake (Sha Hu) Scenic Resort and is a miracle of sand, water, reeds, lotus flowers, birds and mountains.

Crescent Moon Spring/Singing Sand Mountains in Dunhuang

Crescent Moon Spring/Singing Sand Mountains Located 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) south of Dunhuang city, Echoing-Sand Mountain which is also known as the sand dunes of Mingsha,  The dune, surrounded by rolling ridges and precipitous cliffs, reaches a relative height of 250 meters (820 feet).Surrounded by Mingsha Mountain, a crescent-shaped spring lies in the green basin, hence comes the name Yueya Spring (Crescent Spring).  The Crescent Spring is located at the north foot of Mingsha Mountain, about 50 meters from north to south and 5 meters deep on an average. It is so named because it shapes like a crescent. The Crescent Spring water is sweet and crystal clear, and never gets covered up by drift sand. It never overflows after long-lasting rain or dries up after a long drought. It has wonderful scenery, with flickering leaves of aspens and weeping willows, sweet flowers of narrow-leaved oleaster, swaying reeds and hovering wide birds.

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