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Harbin Tourism
20/01/2010 09:53:09    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 806

Harbin Tourism

Harbin, lying on the fertile Songliao plain, the bank of Songhua River, is an outstanding anti-torridity interest, a charming and gentle, unique and featuring city abounding in European scenery as well, especially attracting numberless tourists from the internal and external places. Beautiful Songhua River winds through the city like a ploychrome belt, and elegant Sun island like a shining pearl is enchased on the north bank of Songhua River. 
Lofty anti-flood Cenotaph, Songhuajiang Expressway Bridge spanning north and south, and magnificent Worker Stadium adorn the graceful Harbin as a coquettish fairy. Harbin might holds the main features of ice and snow resources and anti-hot travel, the ice lantern in Zhaolin Garden and snow sculptures on the Sun Island and ice and snow world of which take the prestigious reputation all over the world. What芒鈧劉s more, Two-dargon mountain, Song-mountain and internal famous skiing place: Yabli Skiing Plaza, have nowadays become the ideal spots of sightseeing and traveling. In the Northeast Tiger Garden and zoo live so many varied species of rare animals; multitudinous parks in downtown so classic and elegant芒鈧?

Harbin strives vigorously to exploiture the traveling resources, and presents ice and snow travel, hunting travel, folk custom travel, anti-sunstroke travel, Jin dynasty芒鈧劉s culture travel and some other items to the tourists. Ice and snow travel芒鈧劉s heat brought along the development of seasonal travel items, such as, drift and ecologic scenery travel, city leisure travel and etc. Ice and snow festival, ice and snow world, ice lantern garden party, Yabli and longevity skiing squares, all these winter travel brands are well known around domestic and oversea world.

Ice and snow tour: Ice and snow tour has acquired the supreme quality of Harbin, which becomes one of four domestic tour hot lines around Spring festival and becomes might one of thirty-five trump products presented by National Tourism Administration to the world as well.

Hunting tour: Characteristic tour, mainly composed of Yuquan hunting square, is a hunting tour line of stretching towards Wulong National hunting plaza in Tonghe county.

Folk custom tour: It is a designed activity for showing minorities芒鈧?traditional customs in Heilongjiang to the travelers. Hot lines as following:

A line: Harbin---- A-cheng ( Man race village ) -------Hulan ( farm cottages)

B line: Harbin---- Heihe(e-lunchun race)芒鈧€漷ongjiang(Hezhe race )--- Man race autonomic village in A-cheng


Anti-hot tour: Harbin summer holds the great difference in temperature between day and night, pleasant cool, and it is a famous anti-hot interest of china. Anti-hot vacation tour takes the Sun Island, two-dragon mountain as the main scenic spots with the assistance of Changling Lake, west countryside fish pool and the surrounding vacation area. Song-mountain, Yuquan hunting plaza, Yabli windmill village are also good traveling places to visit.

Jin dynasty芒鈧劉s culture tour: Probe into Jin dynasty芒鈧劉s culture as the main contents of tour activity fabricates Jin dynasty芒鈧劉s culture tour. Huining court site in A-cheng region is the cradle of Jin dynasty芒鈧劉s culture of china. The site takes on unique exploiture profits of tour.
The city of Jin dynasty芒鈧劉s culture tour has been one of seven trump tour products in the 21st century of Harbin, and the city has stretched to Mulan and other Jin ancient places from the beginning of A-cheng.

With the possession of the tradition of being open to the external, Harbin, during the great practice of constructing Chinese feature socialism, will solidify collaboration, expand communication, and deepen the friendship, forthcome hand by hand with the internal and external friends, provided by more exoteric attitude and more outstanding investment environment.  

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