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26/10/2009 02:54:23    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1020

As the second largest island of China, Hainan,like a pearl,is mounted in the vast blue water of South China Sea.With tropical resort resources,Hainan Island has radiant sunshine,soft sandy beaches,blowing sea breeze,the relaxing and healthy spa,wonderful folkways of minority nationality and various animals and plants, all appeal to you to come for touring and vacationing. In addition, it also possesses plenty of natural,mineral,plants and aquatic resources.

Hainan Island has often been called the Chinese Hawaii, and indeed, it is the only tropical beach destination in China. With coasts on the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin, about a 90-minute flight southwest of Hong Kong, this island, slightly bigger than Maryland, is attracting hordes of Chinese in the market for a little sun and fun.

In the past, Hainan had a romantic, Wild West frontier air about it; as the southernmost point in China, it served for centuries as a place of banishment for criminals, exiled poets and political undesirables. Thirty minutes from Sanya is the famously scenic Tianya Haijiao, a k a the Edge of the Sky and the Rim of the Sea, a boulder-strewn beach depicted on the Chinese two-yuan note. Today, it is an immensely popular tourist attraction.

Hainan Island lies between the tropical and subtropics with rich natural resources as well as natural landscape of tropical island, natural flavor, geothermal hot spring, cultural relics and rare animals and plants. According to the preliminary investigation, the available tourist resources of Hainan Island are of 241 spots of 11 kinds totally. All the domestic and foreign exports and tourists are enchanted by the blue sky, white clouds, bright sunshine, long coastline and many bays, white sandy beaches, coconut scenery and charming sea of Hainan Island.

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