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Zhangjiajie Sightseeing
13/11/2008 22:48:41    Author : ANDY    Browse : 805

Zhangjiajie was approved as a prefectural city on May 18£¬1988. by the State Council with the jurisdiction over the two regions Yongding and Wulingyuan and the two counties Cili and Sangzhi.

The main scenic spot is Wulingyuan consisting of Zhangjiajie National Park,the Natural Reserves of Tianzi(Emperor)Mountain,and Natural Reserves of Suoxi Gully,which still preserve the features of primitiveness,simplicity and nature of Yangtzi Valley 5,000 years ago, The natural scenery xan equal Mount Tai in magnificence,Guilin in elegance,Mount Huang in uniqueness and Mount Hua in a precipitous state.The fa,ous horticultural expert,Professor Zhu Changzhong in Qing Hua University,once said in high praise of it as "Number One Miracle Mounntain in the World"for its uniqueness of all famous mounrains and valleys with the combination of lofty peaks,bridges,caves and lakes:within sight are the forested stone peaks and steep cliffs,densely growing jade-green plants,birds soaring and flowers in full blossom,and the stone caves,valleys and streams which are honeycombing all over the forest park.

Zhangjiajie got known to the world in 1980s,and has become a famous tourist spot for its uniqueness of natural features and primitive charm.In 1982,it was granted the name"the First National Forest Park"by the State Council.In October 1998,Wulingyuan was listed as one of the key historical scenic spots by the State Council,On December 7,1992 it was put into the World Natural Heritage Catalogue by the World Heritage Committee of UNECO,and in December 2000,certified the State AAAA Quality and awarded a golden medal of "ghe State-level Civiliced Scenic Resoft".It was pointed in the Technical Appraisal Report by the Alliance of International Nature and Natural Resource Protection that Wulingyuan can be comparable with some other national natural reserves in the wesr part of the Unired States of America.Indeed,Wulingyuan has natural beauty for its innumerable fantastic rock formations,luxuriant green plants and clear lakes and streams.

Zhangjiajie Ciry boasts abundant tourist resources,such as Tianmen Mountain,romantic and exciting drifts on Maoyan River,Puguang Temple---The famous one in southern China,Jiutian Cave---the number-one cave in Asian and the hometown of Marshal He Long,what is more,the visitors both abroad and at home are extremely attracted by the simple folk customs and Zhangjiajie Hard Qigong performance.Apart from all,there are still other neighboring scenic spots.

During more than 20 years"development,there have been 12 scenic spots,30 tourism routes, 300 km tourism road and 2 cableways now.Zhangjiajie railway station links more than 10 large and medium-sized cities with passenger trains and it is connected with more than 400 horels with the total number of30,000beds, among them more than 20 are star hotels, and also more than 50 travel agencies here.

Zhangjiajie now is becoming well known to the world so as to improve the development of tourism and the facilities for tourism of Zhangjiajie people are carrying on the reform and open policies and trying their best to play an important role in the world touism.

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