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beautiful Lhasa
01/11/2008 19:11:20    Author : ANDY    Browse : 878

Lhasa is a bustling city boasting the most amazing monasteries, markets and of course the infamous Potala Palace. The smell of yak butter candles permeates everywhere, pilgrims prostrate on the street beside you, people sing as they omplete their errands (the two baristas at this cafe are singing together in Tibetan right in front of me as I write this), and little Tibetan kitties roam the market stalls and monasteries. Brian is constantly stopped by Tibetan adults and children alike amazed with his tattoo. Sometimes they think it¡¯s paint, and when we gesture that it¡¯s a tattoo their faces turn to amazement. They recognize the script and symbols giving him big smiles, thumbs up and a boisterous beautiful, cool!




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