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Kongtong Mountains -- Kongtong Shan
13/11/2012 04:05:45    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2876

Kongtong Mountains -- Kongtong Shan

Kongtong Mountains (Chinese: 氓麓鈥犆ヂ斥€櫭ヂ甭? is one of the sacred mountains of Taoism. It is located in Pingliang City, Gansu Province. It is the mythical meeting site between the Huangdi (also known as Yellow Emperor) and Guangchengzi. It is said that an immortal named Guangchengzi once lived in a stone cave in the mountain, and the Yellow Emperor once came here to hear his preaching. So it is one of the birthplaces of Taoism in China. To the east it is the famous ancient city Xi"an, to the west it is Lanzhou, this mountain is the west exit fortress of GuanZhong flatland along the ancient Silk Road. Its main scenic area occupies 84 square kilometers, the main peak is elevation at 2123 meters high. Kongtong Mountain boasts dozens of grotesque peaks. It is covered with dense forests rolling from one steep peak to the other.?You can enjoy the wonderful landscapes, the beautiful trees and flowers, the interesting caves, strange rocks and the running clouds. With precipitous scenery of natural beauty and ancient cultural leftovers in collection, this mountain is worth for both landscape appreciation and cultural relics review.

As the most famous Taoist Fairyland well known for its wonderful scenes, Kongtong has its name芒鈧揔ongtong芒鈧漨eaning "emptiness, lustration and naturalness芒鈧?in the doctrine of Taoism religion.?In the years as early as?Qin and Han dynasties, it was the place where monks and Taoists lived together, and the Emperor Shi Huang of Qin and the Wu Di of Han have once climbed up the mountain, and historical sites of later dynasties are found here. There were shrines and temples in Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties in the mountain. Ming Dynasty saw its largest scale-with more than 40 key spots of interest and historic sites, among which Kongtong Pagoda is the most famous. With the magnificence peculiar to the northern mountain and elegance of the southern mountains, the Kongtong Mountains is a famous place of tourism in eastern Gansu.


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