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Mo's Manor
08/10/2012 10:36:46    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1500

Mo"s Manor

Zhejiang Pinghu Mo"s manor, the residence of a high official in the Qing Dynasty, inlaid like a brilliant pearl in the plain of rivers and lakes on the south of the Changjiang River which is always famous for its Suhan Gardens. As one of the six famous Halls in the south of the Changjiang River, i.e., Mo"s Manor, Wanshi Garden, Caiyi Hall, Ru Residence, Tuisi Garden and Chunzai Building, Pinghu Mo"s Manor has had a history of three hundred years. It is a key historical and cultural relics under the province"s preservation and a scenic spot of Jiaxing City.

    Mo"s Manor, a large-scale obturated ancient architectural complex, was built by Mo Fanmei, a Pinghu despotic gentry in the 23rd year(1897) of the Guangxu reign period of the late Qing Dynasty. The whole project took 3 years altogether and was completed in 1899 at a total cost of 100 thousand-liang silver. Three generations of the Mo"s had lived here in succession for more than half a century. The whole manor has a total area of 7 mu(one mu equals 0.7 ha), a floor space of 2600sq m. , and 77 rooms of varied sizes. The framework of principle part is divided into three groups (left, middle ,right) and four layers from the front to the back. The layout of the manor is symmetric without losing agility. The ingeniously carved eaves, the magnificent and verified Gualuo(decorative member of ancient Chinese building) in front of the corridor , the exquisite brick carvings, mural paintings and ridge sculptures can be found everywhere. There are three gardens interspersed among the manor. They are small and exquisite, pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Furniture, calligraphy, painting, antique are set out in an organic whole which shows the cultural cream of the south of the Changjiang River.

    The whole manor, with buildings of different height in picturesque disorder, has presented the beauty of ancient Chinese structures. Its intact buildings, abundant material objects and typical styles may be unrivalled rated as ingenuity in the south of the Changjiang River. Like nature itself, the manor has won the public praise at home and abroad. Thus

 it has enjoyed the reputation of "the Forbidden City in the south of Changjiang River". And its unique artistic charm have also attracted many friends in the TV & Film Circle. Approximately 1000 units of movies and TV such as Dream of the Red Chamber, Family, Spring &Autumn, Phoenix Tree Rain, Champaign, The Destiny of Half a Life, Drawing Soul have been screened in the manor since 1981. The magnificent houses in the old days have now become an excellent place where people take a cultural trip and enjoy themselves.

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