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House of the Chancellor in Huangcheng
06/01/2012 00:08:08    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1907

House of the Chancellor in Huangcheng

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓This House of the Chancellor in Huangcheng is the home of Chen Tingjing, the Wenyuange Academician and Minister of Personnel of the Qing Dynasty, who was once a teacher of the Emperor Kangxi and the editor-in-chief of the Dictionary Kangxi Zidian. As an eminent chancellor, he served as a helper of the emperor for half a century.

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, from the Chen family there emerged 41 students of the royal academy, 19 winners of the provincial examination and 9 winners of the state examination, 6 academicians, and 38 officials and 33 poets. The emperor Qianlong wrote a couplet to the family to praise all these successful persons.

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓The tourist zone of the house of the chancellor covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters. The constructions take advantage of a hillside and display a multiple configuration of houses and courtyards. There are magnificent surrounding walls and stone portals, with beautiful gardens and living rooms in all kinds of decorations. The chancellor芒鈧劉s dwelling place is elegant. The youngsters芒鈧劉studying rooms are situated in a pleasing envirornment....

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓This house is a complex of castle-like buildings the officer芒鈧劉s dwelling place, the old home of literary men and the residence of local people. Being the old house of the first big family of the north in the Qing Dynasty, it is rare for its magnficent form and rich content in perfect preservation. It is an ideal place for sightseeing.

Royal Prime Minister芒鈧劉s Palace is one of the famous historic sites to visit. Chen Tingjing who is royal teacher during Qing Dynasty. King of Qing Dynasty gave this palace to him to show his appreciation to his teacher. The palace has an area of 90,000 meters square, 19 gardens and yards, 640 rooms and 9 castle gates. This palace was built strongly for defense from inside and outside. It has a wall which is 1700 meters long and 12 meters high.

Royal Prime Minister芒鈧劉s Palace was designed into two architectural styles. Inside palace was designed with Ming dynasty style, named as 芒鈧揜esidential Architecture芒鈧? The outside complex was finished in 1703, and it was named as Zhong Daozhuang. East Academy Room, West Garden and Chen Tingjing芒鈧劉s Office are located in the centre of the complex. West Garden is placed in the main yard and bridge, lake, trees, many traditional royalty styles can be found here. The outside complex is well decorated on the facade and placed two Chinese Rocked Lions at the main entrance. These Lions are stepping balls which are made of rocks and they symbolize the power of the prime minister and royalty style. Viewing Royal Prime Minister芒鈧劉s Palace from the top, it looks like a turtle facing the northern sea. It is called Turtle City which means strong for ever. Royal Prime Minister芒鈧劉s Palace has opened to the outside world and attracted many of visitors from the world. It shows a great Royal palace in the past. There are many performances during event periods. Many actors are dressed up with Qing dynasty芒鈧劉s outfits and performance in the palace. All these performances will convey the real situation in the palace from the history to the audiences.


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