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Jiyang Lake Zhangjiagang
18/11/2011 07:47:16    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2161

Jiyang Lake Zhangjiagang

Located in the park area of 4.41 square km in Nancheng District of Zhangjiagang city,Jiyang Lake Ecological Friendly Park has green rippled Jiyang Lake,a lotus pond plank as well as green covered wild island and other attractions. The air here is refreshing like a natural oxygen bar,it is also a good recreation place for the people in Zhangjiagang.

The origin of the whole lake had something to do with a road.

Generally speaking, building a road is to use the soil
where it belonged.In this case,it would cause damage to the environment. So the people in Zhangjiagang  originated an idea.
That was to focusing on one place to get the soil.And they took this chance and dug an artificial lake.It not only solved the soil problem for the highway, protected the farming land along the way,but also created a green lung to the city and created a very good livable environment for the people in Zhangjiagang.

Today, the artificial lake of Jiyang Lake has become a very living landscape in Zhangjiagang.


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