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Basic Postures of Tai Chi Chuan
05/08/2011 06:43:22    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1807

Basic Postures of Tai Chi Chuan


Your head should be naturally upright with-out swaying or leaning to one side.Neck erect, chin tucked in, shoulders sloping, elbows bent naturally and lowered, back and chest naturally erect, waist is flexible and held downwards and buttocks slightly tucked in.


Five fingertips bent naturally and separately with no tense or excessive curve with palms slightly tucked in.

Bow Stance

Stand with legs split as wide as 20 centimeters,the front knee bending forward and the toe pointing to the front without the knee exceeding the toe. The hind leg should be straight with the toe pointing to the outer side of the hind leg at an angle of 45-60 degree. Both feet touch the ground.

Virtual (empty) Step

Move the body"s weight to the hind leg with the knee bending slightly, foot touching the ground and the toe pointing outward at an angle of 45 degree. Front knee bend slightly with either the toe or the heel touching the ground.

Forward Step

Take a step forward with the heel touching the ground first and followed by the whole foot touching the ground, toe pointing to the front.

Advance Step

Take a step forward with the left leg
Sit backward and move the body weight to the right leg with the left toe raised and turning outward to the side.
Maneuver the entire left foot slowly until it touches the ground
Move the body weight to the left leg and take the back right foot to the inner side of the left foot with the toe lightly touching the ground.
Take the right leg a step forward; there must be a small angle between the two feet, about 20 centimeters apart.
Follow Step Move the weight forwards and take the hind foot half a step forward to the back of the front foot.


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