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The origin of Kung Fu
15/07/2011 01:37:03    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2462

The origin of Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu has a long history and a profundity for its variety, even attracts world attention for its grumous mysterious color. In fact, Chinese Kung Fu has also spread over the world for Bruce Lee芒鈧瞫 action films. The styles of Kung Fu showed in the movie are highly appreciated in the world. This promote Chinese Kung Fu to the whole world.

Let芒鈧瞫 look back upon the origin of Kung Fu. According to the old ducuments and the cultural relics unearthed, in prehistoric times, people in order to acquire the things needed in life and adapt to the natural rule: survival of the fittest, they gradually learned cuff and kick, wrestling and combat. And there were Jiao Di dance, spear dance, bow dance, etc. in the festival and sacred ceremony of primitive society. Those were the earliest origin.

After the beginning stage of private ownership, the technology of wrestle developed continuously during the tribal battle. This was the embryonic stage of Kung Fu.

Chinese Kung Fu had different titles in different periods, for example, it called Quan Yong, Shou Bo, Jiao Li in Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty. In Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods of China, it called Ji Ji, Xiang Bo, Shou Zhan. In Song Dynasty, Wu Yi, Wu Ji, Jiao Di, etc. were its name. And inQing Dynasty, it called Ba Shi, Dui Li, Wu Yi. But after the Republic of China, it called Chinese Kuo-Shu, Wushu, Chinese technique, eight styles, Kung Fu and so on.

The titles of Kung Fu were different because of the dissimilarity of age, geographical environment and cultural background, even some titles could芒鈧瞭 been found in ancient books, but the titles represent the evolvement and orientation of Chinese Kung Fu in Chinese history. Nowadays, we usually say Chinese Kung Fu, Martial Arts and Wushu.



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