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Ch隆庐an Dao Quan Fa
29/03/2010 03:23:14    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2179

Ch"an Dao Quan Fa  - Meditative Way Fist Art

This a traditional school of Chinese fighting arts that has been preserved within the surname family lineage of 隆庐Chan隆炉  for generations, within the Hakka , or 隆庐Guest People隆炉 ethnic minority of southern China.  Hakka tradition maintains that the Hakka people originated toward the north of China, and slowly moved southward over thousands of years, through a number of population migrations, bringing their northern language, culture and martial arts into the south.  Qi , the universal energy (or breath), is cultivated in both its 隆庐dense隆炉 and 隆庐refined隆炉 aspects, with the acknowledgement that both are required for a healthy, relaxed and robust mind and body.  The ancient Chinese masters understood this principle, and devised Daoyin , which literally translates as moving energy around the body, by stretching and exercising.  But more than this, the mind becomes 隆庐aware隆炉 of  the qi or energy, as it is generated and moved around.   This energy cultivation has two complimentary and yet distinct aspects; waigong , or 隆庐external skill隆炉 and neigong, or 隆庐internal skill隆炉.  These two aspects are distinguished by how deep the cultivated awareness penetrates into the psycho-physical being, and the environment within which it inhabits.

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