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Northern Longfist BeiChangQuan
29/03/2010 03:16:48    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1659

Northern Longfist BeiChangQuan External Skill

This school of Longfist is called Tongbeiquan, or "Through Back Boxing" and is considered by tradition, to be approximately 2,500 years old.  It is a method of producing force using the entire body, and has many distinct lineages. Its origins lie in the mountainous areas of north China, and the pragmatic considerations of the ancient battlefield.  This lineage probably evolved out of a community defence military art, that eventually split into many family styles.   As a Hakka style, it contains major elements of both Ying Jow " Eagle Claw", and Tong Long  Praying Mantis". As a style, it pre-dates the arrival of Buddhism in China by nearly a thousand years, and is thought to be the basis of the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) martial art known as Taizu Changquan, or "Grand Ancestor Longfist", named after the Taizu Emperor (reigned 960-976AD).   It has since however, been practiced in Buddhist monasteries and has become associated with Ch"an Buddhism and the Shaolin  tradition. It advocates long range kicking and punching technique, which eventually lead to a mastery of medium and short-range fighting skills. It is renowned for its fluid footwork and power-hitting techniques. External qigong  in the form of tough body conditioning, hardens both muscle and bone, and forges a strong and determined mind. Sparring in this lineage emphasises self-control and is carried-out without padding, to build both trust and confidence.

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