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Chinese Medicine
TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine
17/05/2010 01:12:01    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 6384

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of a few thousand years. It is known to the westerners for many years and only recently acupuncture as one of the alternate medications is being introduced to some of the western countries.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the official name being used in China as one of the branches in medical science. TCM is defined as a medical science governing the practice and use of traditional Chinese medical theories, therapies, acupunctology and natural herbal material. China today has many TCM doctors working together with western medical doctors in hospitals. University degree in TCM is offered in medical universities.

Traditional Chinese herbal medication in another hand is quite different from TCM. It only applies to the use of herbal product by herbalist.

The fundamental difference in TCM and western medication, in laymen"s term, can be simply described as:

Western  medication cures disease by using external forces. TCM in another hand attempts to reinforce and stimulate body"s internal strength to cure disease.
Western medication bases on the theory that disease is caused by bacterial and other external means. TCM believes that disease is basically caused by the "weakening state" of a body as a whole.
As a result, western medication may cure diseases more effectively and quickly. But at the same time it may cause temporary or permanent damage to the internal system of a patient. TCM may take longer time to cure a disease but it strengthens the overall health of a patient. Many western medical practitioners start to use TCM to offset the side effect due to the toxic medication or sometime they turn to TCM when there is no cure for certain types of diseases.

TCM offers many products, which are good to build and maintain your body in good health. These products mainly come from natural gradients and have no side effects.


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