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The River-Captain芒鈧劉s Wife 芒鈧€?A Letter
17/09/2011 04:01:30    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1662

The River-Captain芒鈧劉s Wife 芒鈧€?A Letter

        I with my hair in its first fringe

        Romped outside breaking flower-heads.

        You galloped by on bamboo horses.

        We juggled green plums round the well.

        Living in Chang-kan village,

        Two small people without guile.


        At fourteen I married you sir,

        So bashful I could only hide,

        My frowning face turned to the wall.

        Called after -  never looking back.


        Fifteen before I learnt to smile.

        Yearned to be one with you forever.

        You to be the Ever-Faithful.

        I to not sit lonely, waiting.


        At sixteen you sir went away,

        Through White King芒鈧劉s Gorge, by Yen Rock芒鈧劉s rapids,

        When the Yangtze芒鈧劉s at its highest,

        Where the gibbons cried above you.


        Here by the door your last footprints,

        Slowly growing green mosses,

        So deep I cannot sweep them,

        Leaves so thick from winds of autumn.

        September芒鈧劉s yellow butterflies

        Twine together in our west garden.

        What I feel 芒鈧€?it hurts the heart.

        Sadness makes my beauty vanish.


        When you come down from far places,

        Please will you write me a letter?

        As far as the farthest reaches,

        I芒鈧劉ll come out to welcome you.


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