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Chinese Proverbs
08/10/2012 11:40:48    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1912

盲赂鈧ㄢ偓忙鈥斅⒚モ€÷好寂捗┞该┞β┾€郝C柯?盲赂鈧ㄢ偓忙鈥斅⒚モ€÷好寂捗┞┞访┞┞┡÷久柯?; (pinyin: y脛芦 y脙隆n j脙卢 ch脜芦, s脙卢 m脟沤 n脙隆n zhu脛芦)
Literally: When something has been said, a team of four horses cannot overtake it. (Horses cannot chase back the words you have said).
茅搂鸥茅娄卢(茅漏路茅漏卢): Four horse-drawn wagon, fastest land transportation at ancient time
Meaning: Once you have made a promise or said something, you cannot take it back.
Moral: People have to be responsible for what they say. Only speak after careful thought; do not speak without thinking of the consequences.

氓鈥βヂ€斆β猜∶ぢ糕偓忙鈥欌€?(pinyin: b脛聛 z脙卢 m脙漏i y脙卢 pi脛鈥?
Literally: The character "eight" (氓鈥β? does not consist of one stroke.
Figuratively: It takes two strokes to write the character "eight".
Moral: A particular thing hasn"t even taken shape.

盲赂聧氓藛掳茅禄鈥灻β猜趁ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜β?(pinyin: b脙鹿 d脙聽o hu脙隆ng h脙漏 x脛芦n b脙鹿 s脟聬) (or 盲赂聧猫搂聛茅禄鈥灻β猜趁ぢ嘎嵜惵矫β放?
Literally: Not having arrived at the Yellow River, the heart is not dead.
Figuratively: Feeling despair only when one arrives at the Yellow River.
Colloquially: Used to describe someone who does not give up, even when they should.
  (Example: 盲禄鈥撁ぢ糕€懊β∶ㄢ偓茠猫炉鈥⒚寂捗β徝β∶β猜∶ε撯€懊┾偓拧茅聛沤茫鈧€毭ぢ烩€撁ぢ嘎嵜ニ喡懊┞烩€灻β猜趁ヂ科捗ぢ嘎嵜β幻b偓鈥歔"He has taken the test three times and each time failed.
  He just doesn"t know when to quit."])
Moral: Only when there is no road left does one finally feel despair.
Similarly: 盲赂聧猫娄鈥姑βB好β澛惷ぢ嘎嵜ε解€懊β放? meaning no tears until one sees one"s own coffin."


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